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Treat your lips to an all-natural, flavor experience with LipZen lip butters.

Read what our customers say:

“I ordered three different LipZen flavors and the vanilla absolutely rocks. The lip butter is wonderfully effective, it moisturizes so well I don’t feel the need to reapply over and over, and I love that the ingredients are all-natural. Super yummy too!” – Stephanie


“I found the Lip Butter ( Berry Breeze) to be a very helpful remedy for my dry, cracked lips. Not only was it extremely soothing and aromatic, it was also very long-lasting. A+++ for this wonderful product!!” – Martha


“The Coconutty for Chocolate lip butter stays on your lips forever and tastes good enough to eat! It’s the best product for the lips I’ve ever used.” – Theresa


“Great product!” – Carrie


“The Fruity Samba turned up today and I love it! Thanks! I love it! It’s so smooth, and I love that it’s natural.” – Ian


“I LOVE my Coconut Dream LipZen! It moistens my dry lips better than any chap stick I’ve ever used, in fact it doesn’t leave me needing to constantly reapply because it works so well. The ingredients are all natural and it tastes and smells delicious, no nasty aftertaste like so many regular sticks… I will definitely buy more LipZen in the future!” – Steph


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LipZen Monthly Subscription

Did you know that you never have to worry about running out of your favorite LipZen lip butters?  You can order a subscription to your favorite flavor and it will automatically be shipped to you each month!  


We have all of your favorite flavors available, but if you like to try new things, you can also sign up for the flavor of the month.  It’s easy and convenient!









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